Powerful Research Paper Topics on Human Trafficking

If you are choosing to write a research paper on human trafficking, you have to make sure that it sends a powerful message on to society about how it affects the human psyche as well as their entire well being. You have to choose a topic that will convey not only a strong message of support but also condemnation for such a disrespectful act against the human race. Here are some examples of possible topics as follows:

Sample Topics

You can focus on the point of view of the victims in your study. These should contain statistics as well. Below are possible titles that you can use.

  1. The Worldwide Epidemic Of Human Trafficking
  2. In The Eyes Of The Victim: The World of or 4000 all Sex Slavery
  3. Human Trafficking and Rape: A Male’s Point of View
  4. The Factors That Lead To Human Trafficking
  5. What Role Does Society Play In Fostering A Human Trafficking Friendly Environment?
  6. A Victim’s Profile: How Does One Fall Prey to Human Traffickers?
  7. An In-Depth Analysis On Human Trafficking Around The World
  8. A Comparative Study On The Rate Of Human Trafficking Victims in the Philippines Versus Other Asian Countries
  9. The Role Of The Government In The Fight Against Human Trafficking
  10. What Can You Do To Prevent Human Trafficking? An Extensive Research

Additional Reminders

With these topics available, you will not have run out of ideas to work with regards writing your own paper on human trafficking sooner rather than later. It just takes a lot of patience and the proper guidance regarding pattern and content.

You also have to be sensitive when dealing with clients or respondents who may help you with your study. Remember that you are writing about an extremely delicate subject. This is why you have to consider the feelings of the respondents that you are going to have in your study.

Be careful about the questions that you are going to ask. Be mindful of the words that you are going to use. If you can do this, then you will have successfully written the paper without due incident.

The additional reminders of can also give you an ad as to what you should and should not be saying around the respondents. Following these tips will help you ensure the best results for your study in the long run.


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