5 thought-provoking research paper topics on world history

Writing a great history paper require you t come up with a brilliant topic. As you set out to find a good topic, you must factor in the timelines given together with the kind of research sources required. Although there are many research paper topics world history ideas to consider, you must select a topic that can have interesting information for readers.

The natural way to choose a topic is by going through what you’ve learned in class and expounding on one particular idea. You may want to consider the following 5 ideas when selecting the topic.

  1. Allow your thoughts flow as you jot down ideas and arguments.
  2. Pick each idea and try to break it into other small ideas.
  3. Take an idea and try to get a new perspective and see the far you can go.
  4. Create a flow chart of ideas by first stating the main idea and then connecting it with your thoughts and other small ideas to illustrate the overall concept.
  5. Go ahead and ask yourselves questions like (what, when, why, etc) with answers being potential research paper topics for world history.

History is such a diverse subject that involves different aspects such as ideas, wars, people and places. Bearing this in mind, it is the approach or perspective you take that will help you on how and what to write about. Getting fine guidelines and tips may provide more insight on the topic you want to write about.

Below are some of the research paper topics you can consider when writing your research paper.

  • The Russian Dictatorship – This is a great topic to write about. You can talk about the happenings that took place between 1855 – 1992, especially the rule of Joseph Stalin.
  • Civil Rights and Activism in the United States – This topic can take several dimensions depending on the angle you want to take. You can ignore the modern history and write about civil rights movements and what the movement fought for including women suffrage.
  • Democracy and Dictatorship in Germany – There are so many thing you can write about if you select this topic. There are monumental things that took place between 1933 – 1963.You can either be more particular and write about Nazi Germany or focus on Hitler and the Henrys.
  • Mid-Tudor crises – You can write about the English history, eminent collapse of English society and the happenings between the death of Henry 8 and Mary Tudor.
  • Winston Churchill – Talk about how the British prime minister handled the Second World War.

There are more topics you can consider. You will get tips and more fresh topics to write about.


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