Composing an amazing research paper on social media influence

Social media has become an integral part of our day to day lives. There are numerous topics about the social media impact – which can be positive or negative. Social media has been used by marketers to influence sales among the youth populations. You will find numerous research articles on social media marketing on the internet expounding on these influences. In case you’re tasked to write a research paper on social media influences, you can follow this guide.

  • Select a good topic
    Select a topic that is both interesting and challenging. This will help you have the right attitude and enthusiasm to do a good research and write an informative piece. Focus on a limited aspect rather than generalizing ideas. For example, if you select a topic like, “research paper on impact of social media on youth” focus on a particular area like how it affect youth in a particular area like education, lifestyle or religion. Moreover, do not pick on a topic that has a narrow range of source materials.
  • Look for information
    It is paramount that you look for information from high authority websites. These sites are more reliable and contain factual information. Check up-to- date books and other print materials from the library as well.
  • State a good thesis statement
    Write down your conviction on the topic in one sentence. Make sure that your paper should have arguments to support and defend your thesis statement.
  • Create an elaborate outline
    Draft some ideas relating to the main topic as well as supporting ideas and create an outline of the whole paper.
  • Organize your notes and write the draft
    Ensure you have your notes ready from different sources and organize them in a coherent manner. You can paraphrase or create a summary for each idea you intend to use. Make sure you cite your sources as per the specified style.
  • Proofread and Edit
    After writing the draft, ensure you go through the work again and edit to get rid of all grammatical errors.
    Here are more topics you can think about.
    • Influences of social media on businesses
    • Influences of social media on radicalization
    • Influences of social media at the workplace
    • Influences of social media on college students
    The list can be long. You only need to find the right topic and ensure it has enough sources of information to write about. Moreover, you can seek professional help in case you find this challenging.


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