Obtaining a sample of a research paper that includes a literature review

High school and college students typically have to take general classes (such as Math, English, etc.) throughout their academic careers. It does not matter what they are majoring in as the general knowledge can actually be beneficial to them in the future. So as students continue to complete each level, they may have to write a research paper with a literature review.

There are a variety of resources that you could use in this situation. Today we are going to share with you three of those sources where a credible example will definitely be of great assistance to you.

Ask your Literature/English teacher/professor

The very first people you should seek assistance from in finding an example is your Literature or English teacher/professor. It is pretty easy to get their help seeing that their jobs are to teach you and help you with your homework to help you succeed.

Now it is important that you do ask for their office hours (after class) to see when they are free to assist you. It is only respectful that you plan to meet them at a time you know for a fact you can uphold. Remember, you are not the only student that needs help, so don’t take advantage (in a negative way) of their time.

Search journalist websites

Journalist websites that specialize in writing reviews especially literature are great online websites for you to utilize. Not only will you be able to review examples from writing professionals, but you can also do conduct your research at home for free.

Seek assistance from alumni

This may be slightly more difficult than the latter tips, but it definitely works as well. Alumni typically have no problem helping out current students the best way that they can. Many alumni keep their old homework assignments. If you want to take this route, then it is proper to introduce yourself at an alumni event when possible (first) and then send an e-mail request for assistance.

As you can see, these are all options that are generally available for you on a daily basis. It is up to you to utilize them to the best of their potential. These resources are experienced individuals/sources that have credible examples for you to gain inspiration from. Now this does not mean that you should plagiarize them by any means.


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